Nepheline Syenite

Recent research is showing that nepheline mixed with polymers has the potential to be the newest space age product that will be the answer to many global warming problems.

This combination of nepheline and polymers is lightweight and has shown to have an extreme high "R" insulating value, to be fireproof and bullet proof, able to withstand hurricane winds of 200 mph when a house is built with nepheline building blocks, a self sealing nuclear waste container and many more applications. The already known uses are, glass production, cremanics, insulated fireproof roofing material, marine paint for vast fuel savings and more.

Also surprising is the beauty of this nepheline ore when cut and polished for dimensional building stone. Architects are going wild for it, once seen. Nepheline is quarried like marble and, like marble, it can be cut and polished for flooring, countertops, etc. As countertops nepheline is known as "Blue Pearl Granite".

The owner has outlined a lease/purchase offer that would allow for production partners to bootstrap development, willing to devote time, money, and effort to making this property work., an HTML version of this site can be seen of the Lincoln County, Oregon nepheline syenite property for sale, lease or joint venture.

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